Question: What is Fly Fishing?

Question: What is Fly Fishing? Great question!

It is not just about catching or fooling a huge trout to take your fly . . . or bragging rights. There is a whole journey to beautiful places where being on the river by yourself or with special friends, in “just right” or inclement weather is where you create wonderful memories that stay with you a lifetime.

There is a special kind of therapy that happens. Even something spiritual, that draws us to return over and over to the river, stream or ocean that brings peace and reminds us that life is worth living!

But of course there is mechanical and technical parts of fly fishing also! Gear, flies (imitation bugs), entomology, casting skills. Never be intimidated by lack of knowledge. Reach out to other fly fishers and fly fishing guides for education!

Check out some great resources online that will explain and capture the spirit of fly fishing!

The movie that lit the sport up! “A River Runs Through It” Trailer.

Now there are many fly fishing videos for beginners and advanced fly fishers!