1. The award will be given annually at the second meeting in February for submittals from the previous year.
  2. The winner must be a paid up club member and will receive an award certificate and a $50.00 gift card.
  3. All entries must be received no later than midnight on December 31st and you may enter as many times as you like.
  4. The winner will be the person to catch the longest trout using a purple midge during the previous calendar year.
  5. The winning fish will be determined by length only as it is impractical to expect people to weigh fish in the wild.
  6. Length shall be determined by measuring the fish from the tip of the nose to the indent in the tail fin.
  7. Measurements shall be taken to the nearest quarter of an inch.
  8. Any size purple midge is acceptable, but it must be barbless.
  9. All entries must be accompanied by a photo.
  10. Tie breakers:  a) Earliest fish caught in the season, b) Fish caught on the smallest fly.
  11. All entries are to be submitted to Scott Olson via email and shall include the date caught, length of the fish, location of the catch, photograph of the fish and the size of the purple midge used.
  12. All awards are final and appeals will not be considered (it’s for fun and to honor Don).
  13. This award is sponsored by Scott & Marilyn Olson.  The Conejo Valley Fly Fishers have no responsibility or oversight of this award.