JULY 20-22, 2018 (Friday to Sunday) CLUB OUTING at RED’S MEADOW!

San Joaquin / Reds Meadow
Hosted by Charley Beals
FIRM Date: July 20-22, 2018

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Message from Charley Beals:
Information regarding the San Joaquin / Devils Postpile trip.

The road is open and the water is running about 170 cfs. I think out timing will be perfect for the weekend of July 21st. Anything between 60 and 100 CFS is perfect.

As we get closer and more people commit the emails will be more extensive from me. Here are some items to keep in mind:

  1.  The river bed is notoriously slippery – you will need a staff and I recommend studs on your boots whether you are wearing Felt or Rubber soles.

  2.  A short light rod is best as the river is brushy in the best spots. I like a 3 or 4 weight in 8 ½ feet. Tenkara is a good choice if you prefer that to traditional.

  3.  The most productive method is the Dry Dropper rig – you can use about anything for the “Dry” fly as the fish are neither leader shy nor picky, 5x is adequate in floro or nylon. When you choose a dry fly keep in mind that the sun is vibrant and the best choice for a fly is the one you can easily see while still attracting strikes. The “Dropper” can be about anything also but I have found a bead head prince in 16 is a very good choice. I will most likely run a #12 or #14 Yellow Stimulator on top and BH Prince or BH Pheasant tail in 16 or 18 below. In the past I have used Humpy’s, Adams, Caddis – they all work.

  4.  You will need dry fly dressing. Here’s some links on Amazon:
Loon Outdoors AQUEL, 1/2 ozUEL – click here
Umpqua Shimazaki Dry Shake Original – click here

In years’ past I have gone up on Thursday to secure a nice campsite for us in the Upper Soda camp ground. I will most likely do that again. There will be no cell service while in the drainage so we will need to coordinate where and when prior to the trip – finding everyone has never been a problem as there’s a limited number of sites.

Depending on the weather we made be treated to wet wading (no waders) so plan on that as it can be very pleasant

  • Folding chair
  • Wood – 1 pack per vehicle would be nice
  • Warm Jacket
  • TONS OF MOSQUITO spray!!!
  • RAIN GEAR – it is the Sierras!
  • NOAA – Weather check

Charley Beals

If you are at all interested in coming along with us please send me an email to:  charley@bealsagency.com


Look for “Routes & Schedule” for Mammoth Lakes
for information about the Reds Meadow Shuttle:

Devils Postpile National Monument provides additional
shuttle information.

For Reds Meadow recreation information click here.

Read more about fishing on the San Joaquin click here.

The San Joaquin River is a classic Western freestone trout fishery. Its size, flow and fish are just a bit smaller than you’ll find elsewhere. The smaller size of the San Joaquin makes it easier to explore and a good challenge for anglers.

The river is especially popular with fly fishers who enjoy hunting for trout in pocket water, holding by rocks and underbrush. It’s also popular for those who like to cast for a variety of trout species.

While any method used for catching trout can be productive at the San Joaquin, stealth is often the biggest key to success.