Follow up on Bishop Fly Fishing Outing, February 2018

Follow up on Bishop
Fly Fishing Outing
February 2018 – Charley Beals

I wanted to follow up on the trip and thank everyone for attending.

On the whole I thought we did good considering the tough conditions, the ash, access and the weather. I watched many of you make some very good progress in reading the water, casting and setting up a drag free drift with that nymph rig.

We do have some work to do on the knots and Scott and I have a pre meeting class setup for the next two meetings – click here for more details.

The second issue that I noticed is fly selection. Experience will solve this puzzle for you. So get out there.

I did meet with Joe Smurlo on Monday night – he’s local here in Thousand Oaks and is selling his gear – much of it is older but still very usable.
He’s got a 7′ 4wt that would be perfect for the next outing on the San Joaquin. His info will be posted in the newsletter and below this message.
If you are looking for an upgrade and addition to your tool kit you may want to call him.

There are two very good books you may want to pick up and keep as reference: Dynamic Nymphing by George Daniels and Prospecting for Trout by Tom Rosenbauer.

Take care,
Charley Beals

Joe Smurlo contact info:
805-492-3433 /