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Fly Tying – Meetings, Technique, Tools & Education

This page is set up to announce fly tying meetings, techniques, tools and education.  Click on the boxes and/or links below:

Fly Tying Meetings – Third Tuesday of each month

For new fly tiers and even for some of us seasoned at the vise, tying the perfect head on any fly can be a real challenge. Oversized heads look weird, mess with the balance of a fly and and make it tough to change flies quickly on the water. Click here


Fly Tying Thursdays at the . . .Fishermans Spot
Bring your fly tying gear for after hours fly tying and shooting the sh_t!  We can’t make it every Thursday so Call us to Confirm!

(818) 785-7306
(877) 785-7306 toll free

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