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    1. Only post fly fishing related products.
    2. Since this page seems to be gaining people from multiple states PLEASE PUT WHERE YOU ARE LOCATED IN THE POST AND IF YOUR WILLING TO SHIP IT. That way no one gets excited over something they can’t get due to location.
    3. If you post spam you will be banned.
    4. Transactions are between seller and buyer. We are not responsible for any problem with transactions.
    5. Bump, Bring Up My Post, once every 12 hours. If you do it more your post will be deleted. Everyone deserves the right to have their posts seen.
    6. ISO- In Search Of
    7. PM- Personal Message. If you are not friends with someone and you send them a pm please inform them on their post because it will be sent to their “other” folder. If you are selling something please check your “other” folder daily for messages.
    8. If you start drama you will be warned once and then banned.
    9. People can post their product at whatever price they see fit. If you don’t like it don’t make rude remarks just ignore it.
    10. No Hi-jacking posts. Create your own post.
    11. Delete ASAP once items are sold. Please do this as the Admins spend a lot of time scanning posts for violations and having to delete things resets our feed so we have to find our spot again.
    12. If you have a problem with a member please contact an admin. Do not slander members publicly. If you report a post please also tell the Admins why in a PM since we cannot see why you reported them.
    13. Do not get offended if someone offers you to low of a price. That is part of negotiating please just either ignore the offer, come back with a counter offer, or tell the person it is to low of an offer.
    14. Sellers please be honest of the condition of your product, we have members all over the world, and some cannot see the product before buying and therefor trust you. Don’t abuse this site to sell items that are bad quality when you say they are good. If any lying happens about quality of product seller will be removed.
    15. The administrators of this page take no responsibility for any transactions performed herein. It is the duty of both the seller/barterer/buyer to inspect goods, services, and have a working knowledge of the legality and functionality of their transferred items.