MARCH 10, 2020

The Owyhee river in Eastern Oregon is a managed Trophy Brown Trout river. Being a tail water,  the constant flow and temperature create a prime feeding habitat for growing BIG trout. They are not leader shy as the water is usually a stained green but the trick is the hooking and landing a 24” Trout on a #20 midge.

If you have every wanted to fish for trophy brown trout – come and see how we get it done. We’ll be covering time of year, fishing holes, rig set and successful strategies.

The first hatches start by mid-March and can continue into early April. Prime time is late March, often well-timed with Oregon’s spring break.
 – Owyhee River Fly Fishing


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December 2016 ~

“Reflections …
Although it’s not quite winter yet it does seem to be the time of year that many of us think nostalgically about the past year’s fishing.  So, with a Grand Marnier on ice in my hand and sitting by some glowing coals here are my reminiscences.

I’ll remember 2016 for the five-plus pound cutties we caught on the Upper Owens in May where one even took me in to my backing.  Big brutish fish with attitudes, busting on egg patterns and filling nets from one end to the other describing a big U.

On the other end of the spectrum was the summer day spent on the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River catching little alpine trout on 2 weights with dry droppers.  A great, knee deep wash of a gin clear stream where three friends can fish side by side by side for hours as fish literally jump on your flies.

Boating on Crowley Lake and heaving midges for a shot at a trophy, and never being disappointed even though this year it required fishing 20 foot leaders.  Crowley is predictable (wind) and unpredictable (what she will give up), but she is always a joy, being the mirror of the Sierra.

And what would a fishing year be without at least one adventure.  It was our fifth year fishing the Owyhee River in Oregon and it was stellar as ever.

When you are trying to shake off 16 inch browns because they are too small you know you have a delightful problem.  But having 20 plus inch trout rising to #22 tricos is something that should not be missed.

But in the end spending time on the water with one’s friends is a blessing that can’t be quantified.  Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy and healthy 2017.”

“Tight lines.”  – CVFF President, Scott Olson